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Thoughts (Gisa's Point Of View) :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0
Attack of the childhood by xXGlubbinNerdXx Attack of the childhood :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 0 Just a random caiman by xXGlubbinNerdXx Just a random caiman :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 0
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Look at how you hop
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Hop around the room.
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Fluffy ball of fur
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Fur as soft as silk
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Sleeping on the floor
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil' bunbun
Sleeping soundly in my arms.
Cute lil' bunbun
Sweet lil bunbun
I'll care for you forever more.
:iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 0
Distant Twins [Ethan and Kiarah] by xXGlubbinNerdXx Distant Twins [Ethan and Kiarah] :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0 Sweet lil' bunbun by xXGlubbinNerdXx Sweet lil' bunbun :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0 Morning Snapchat by xXGlubbinNerdXx Morning Snapchat :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 2 #Selfie by xXGlubbinNerdXx #Selfie :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0 Two lil' hunters [Demetrius and Mercedes] by xXGlubbinNerdXx Two lil' hunters [Demetrius and Mercedes] :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 2 2 Here comes trouble! by xXGlubbinNerdXx Here comes trouble! :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 2 0
The Batfamily (Cassandra Cain's point of view)
They say a weapon can't feel anything..because it is inanimate. Yet I am a weapon, and I can feel so many things, that I mainly do not understand. For example; I love. I was never shown this in the past, but after receiving it now, I can say it's..quite nice.
I never had a real father, I was nothing but death and destruction on legs to him. The people in the League who were supposed to be my brothers and sisters were my competition, and soon to be subjects. At first I was afraid to leave them, to speak, to even feel or become close to anyone.
But I met /you/. Bruce, the man who acted like the "Father" I never had..who gave me my speech and taught me your language..Grayson; you are /VERY/ clingy, and it's not normal to me, yet it is one of the common types of affection, perhaps one day, I'll learn to accept and return the favor.
Then to Barbara and Stephanie..for being the sisters who I can always come to for the talking of girl, even if one of you is really talkative, and the other is
:iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 0
DateNight by xXGlubbinNerdXx DateNight :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0 Heating Competition (Kaitlen and Dakota) by xXGlubbinNerdXx Heating Competition (Kaitlen and Dakota) :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0
Mercedes ~MINIBIO THING~ with ref sheet
NAME: Mercedes
ALIAS: Silent Fox
HOMETOWN: Rome, Italy.
ETHNICITY: Italian American.
TITLE: Assassin Hunter
BIRTHDAY: December 13
AGE: 27
QUIRK: Has a lisp.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bow and arrows, but carries knives with her also.
APPEARANCE: Tan jacket with a black satchel, where knives and bows/arrows. Khakis with two pocketknives in the pockets, her black boots going just below her knees. Hair is mostly at the left side, minus to braids that holds the hair in place that goes to the right, snaking around the back of her head. When her hair is all the way down, it goes to the middle of her back.
ALARIC: Mercedes let out a growl, folding her arms. "...He ztole over a grande from me that iz rightfully MY profit money, and I will get it back. 'Pretty Boy' better watch hiz back."
DEMETRIUS: "...I have a high rezpect for him, he hatez Alaric juzt az much az I do." She let out a chuckle, placing her hands in her pockets. "..He even got t
:iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 2
TEOI's Nightowls by xXGlubbinNerdXx TEOI's Nightowls :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 1 2 Halloween Portrait by xXGlubbinNerdXx Halloween Portrait :iconxxglubbinnerdxx:xXGlubbinNerdXx 0 0


Elsa Flower Crown by princessbeautycase Elsa Flower Crown :iconprincessbeautycase:princessbeautycase 123 13 Anna Flower Crown  by princessbeautycase Anna Flower Crown :iconprincessbeautycase:princessbeautycase 101 6 Fluttershy by dennyvixen Fluttershy :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 3,314 83



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Fandoms I'm involved in:
-KPOP, and other idols.

Sylveon by N-Kin

Favourite genre of music: HIP HOP, R&B, POP, KPOP
Favourite style of art: IDK
Favourite cartoon character: THE CHIPMUNKS/ETTES, and others



Hey, this is Jordy, AKA jordby. Gabby wanted me to fix her page, so lol, here I am, yaayyy. Gabby is my bish best friend on here, and she is just amazing. I have known her for about five years, and I hope we'll always be as close as we are now. You should give her a watch and come by her page and talk to her because yes. ILU bbe.~ <33



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Manofeel Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015
Hello! You probably don't remember me,and to be honest I don't remember much of you or a lot of other people I was apparently friends with years back. I was the person who put up Jazzandthechipmunks and all that. After some time I moved on to facebook with some friends and had completely forgot about deviantart or jazzandthechipmunks along with the friends I made on it. Just wanted to come by and say hello and goodbye. I think we had some conversation,but I can't remember how much,just sorta skimmed old messages on the old account haha. Anyways,hope you're having a good life!
xXGlubbinNerdXx Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
I..remember the name...but that's honestly it??
Manofeel Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
haha sorry
I can't say much else since my memory is pretty terrible,honest to god. 
I'm also not entirely good with conversation so if there was something else I should have said,I'm sorry friend .
xXGlubbinNerdXx Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
It's ok ;u;
IDAH0-SPUD Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for watching me c: 
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